The Webshop Total Package

Do you want to start a webshop? Hitechsoft offers you a total solution: website, payment system, complete order management, marketing and reporting tools. Everything to make a success of your online store, so that you can fully focus on the sale of your products.

  • Reliable hosting with 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Free updates, no expensive maintenance contracts
  • Unlimited telephone support from specialists

From Store To Web Store

Suppose you have an existing store and want to go online.
You already have a name. You already have customers. And there is already a supply. Now an online store. But how are you going to manage everything with stock, payment, shipping and returns? We have all thought of this at Hitechsoft.

Step-by-step plan to start an online store

Step 1: Your Business Plan

Hitechsoft gives you an e-commerce platform to which more than 8,000 successful web stores are connected. The products vary from fashion to technology. From customization to mass production. From Christmas trees to surfboards. Food and drink. Whatever you want to sell, we support you.

Step 2: Ready, set, go!

We arrange a domain name and hosting, so that you are always online. Then you can follow our free online webshop course, our product specialist would like to check with you whether everything is ready for sale. Moreover, customer service is always available for questions.

Step 3: Achieve success

Now that everything is up and running, it is time to continue. Make sure you attract enough visitors and make sure they actually buy something. Therefore, follow the (free) monthly marketing webinars from Hitechsoft.

Choose Your Design!

Look & Feel
Make your online store unique. Choose from 50 templates. Adjust them to your taste. Organize menus according to your products. Add up to 10 photos and activate the zoom function for optimal product presentations. Perfect your webshop from visit to check-out.

Fast & Safe
A good site is one that works well. We ensures a fast loading time of your pages. Safe and easy payment methods. And a wide variety of shipping methods.

Not every webshop needs the same functionalities. Therefore, check our App Store for various links, such as accounting programs and email marketing.