CRM Consulting Services

CRM Consulting Services

In today’s age, businesses can no longer avoid technology. Technical innovations are being released and adopted with ever increasing rates. Every now and then, a new innovative model is being conceptualised and released which has potential to disrupt traditional businesses. With this ever increasing pace, it is understandably complex for businesses to keep a tab on these advancements.

We at Cynoteck understand the challenge and help businesses make the best out of these technological innovations and empower themselves. We maintain an environment of continuous learning, wherein our team keeps themselves up to date about technology innovations. If we do miss on something, we are always ready to learn it at faster pace .


Introduction to CRM Systems

A CRM manages company’s intraction with currrent and potential customers. It helps drive sales growth uses Data Analysis of data from range of different Communication channels, like company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials , social media etc.

  • Sales and Marketing Process Automation
  • Integration with Sales and Marketing Systems
  • Cloud Based System with Higher Security

Why Your Business Needs a CRM

Research shows that use of CRM can increase revenue by 41% per sale rep and improve cuustomer retention, by 27%. Happy customer tell the world… and so do the unhappy ones. Companies are realizing this and are opting for CRM system to manage their Sales and Marketing effectively.

  • Forward View of Your Business
  • Accessible on-the-go via Web and Mobile
  • Improve customer Engagements and Sevice